Traditional donkey race 2015. Posedarje

Every year in august you can enjoy in “Traditional donkey race”, main event in Posedarje every summer.

Each Dalmatian town and village celebrates its day. We can assume then that each of those festivals celebrates a peculiarity or two that makes that town unique in the world.

At the beginning of August, inhabitants of Posedarje along with their guests and visitors enjoy themselves while participating at the “Traditional Donkey Race”.

Despite the fact that the race takes place each year at the beginning of August, the laughter that accompanied it can be heard all the year around.

What seems to be an easy task, getting your donkey first across the finish line, is hardly achieved without a few difficulties. Just to get your donkey moving is already quite of an achievement for the racer, and a hilarious scene for the public.

Feel free to take place! ‘Cause the locals will feel happy to give you few tips, or even a hand! It can be your “Posedarje Summer Memorabilia”, a story you can share with your friends and family when you get back home.

And trust us – never will you forget it! 

If you’re not that brave, no worries! We take care for the less brave ones. So, should you be more in the mood for some beer-drinking contests or try to get to the finish line while in a bag, don’t hesitate to take part!

Those who pride themselves in strength can even try pulling the rope, a local version of tug o’ war game. On that day, child or an adult, will have something to take back home.

Besides the funny summer stories, you’ll have a chance to taste local gastronomical delicacies, such as honey, figs, olive oil, prosciutto, wine, grappas and so on.

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