25 reasons why you should never visit CROATIA

1. Their buildings are falling down


Croatia has a heritage dating back thousands of years, which spectacular ruins such as the Pula Arena, thesixth largest Roman Amphitheatre in the world.

2. Their planes have no wheels


Last year the first scheduled seaplane service in modern European aviation history was introduced to Croatia. Travel like never before.

3. Their buses look funny


With more than a thousand islands to choose from, ferry travel is a romantic part of a Croatian holiday.

4. Their taxis are different


5. The food looks funny


Each region of Croatia has its own cuisine, which all have one thing in common – freshness of ingredients!

6. The wine is unpronounceable


With 130 indigenous grape varieties, including the original Zinfandel, getting to know the wines is a challenge. How do you pronounce Grk?

7. They dress funny


Croatia is a land of tradition, and many festivals include spectacular traditional local dress.

8. Their music has no instruments


Dalmatia’s a capella sing is spectacular, and a UNESCO intangible world heritage.

9. They talk a lot about olives


Croatian olive oil is among the best in the world, something you will come across a LOT on your holiday.


10. All their towns are made of stone


If you are looking for beachfront modern skyscrapers, you are in the wrong place. The coast is littered with picturesque walled stone towns.

11. They eat octopus



One of the most popular and unfamiliar dishes is octopus. Don’t leave without ordering an octopus salad.

12. They have the weirdest food festivals


They eat dormice, celebrate with broad bean ice-cream, and even a chestnut festival with 40,000 people.

13. Coffee takes an hour


There is no such thing as a quick coffee.

14. They don’t understand the need to be on time


Time is relative, perfect on a lazy holiday.

15. There is almost no sand in the beaches


Not familiar with non-sandy beaches. Just look at the clearness of that water.

16. Summer is too hot


What to do in summer with the non-stop sunshine and 1000 islands and more than 1000 km of coast – the beach!

17. Winter is too cold


Croatia is regarded as a summer destination, but attractions such as Plitvice Lakes are stunning in winter.

18. They have more UNESCO sites than World Cup medals


Seven in all, testament to Croatia’s rich heritage and natural beauty.

19. Their fish have to swim three times


First in the sea, then in olive oil during cooking, then in wine as part of the meal. Quality and fresh, caught, prepared and enjoyed in Croatia.

20. The Spanish word “manana” comes from the Croatian “pomalo”


The pace of life in Spain may be world famous, but life in Dalmatia could challenge it.

21. The weather never changes


With an average of 2718 hours of sun a year, Hvar is the sunniest island in Europe.

22. They think they have the best beaches in the world


You won’t find a Croat who says the beaches are better anywhere else.

23. They think they have the best sea in the world


You won’t find a Croat who says the sea is better anywhere else.

24. They think they have the best lifestyle in the world


And while the world argues and fights, life on the Split riva every day of the year.

25. After a week there, you never want to come home


Once you visit, you will fall in love and never want to leave.
How do you explain THAT to your boss back home?



Copied from  www.private-accommodation-croatia.com


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