Tavern “PECE”

Just a 10 minute drive from Posedarje is the little seaside village of Vinjerac and here hides a culinary surprise, Konoba Pece”, who is turning traditional fare into slow food.

At first glance, this looks like just another typical Dalmatian seafood tavern, although with a bigger and nicer garden and terrace. But the owner’s gourmet philosophy and great passion push this place a little bit further. Take the usual ingredients, but give them that extra touch. The whole philosophy here is to decide the main direction of the meal and then you just let go.

The place is beautiful, staff very friendly, and the seafood is delicious.The cook who is also the owner likes to choose food for you.

Tavern “Pece” is in the top 20 restaurants in Dalmatia, selected by food experts for jutarnji.hr, most popular newspapers in Croatia.

And just to be prepared: this is a Slow Food restaurant, so don´t be surprised if the food takes some time…

Contact (reservation required):

Mob   +385/23-275-069

Phone  +385/98-331-403

The owner – Edi Gregurić5588322296_31de096da9








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