Rooms “Slavica”

Posedarje is typical, small, Mediterranean place, settled on the coast of Novigrad Sea.

If you have your own boat, you have the possibility of enjoying sailing, or water-skiing, which is especially easy because of the stillness of the sea.

Nearby the gravel beach, there is also the sandy beach. It is only 10 minutes away with small vessel or 5 minutes ride with a car. It is also very appropriate for younger swimmers as well as for beginners. It is also interesting for it’s shallow water and if you want to reach the 1,5 meters depth which provides you safe and careless swim,you have to walk or swim around 150 meters till you get there.

The place is also known for eco food production. It is especially known for the production of Dalmatian prosciutto ham. The specific wind as well as the characteristic micro-climate of a mountain-sea air (which benefits this product) give it the special quality and taste.

It is also known for local specialties, fishing, shellfish farming, virgin olive oil production, homemade brandy, wine and dry figs. All of these specialties can be tasted in restaurants that are settled in the center of the place. Therefore, you don’t need any vehicle to get there. It only takes a 5-minute walk to the center.

Rooms “Slavica” Posedarje

4 double rooms:

  • room surface of about 13 m2, bed for two
  • balcony with sea view, air conditioning
  • bathroom

You can stay overnight or bed and breakfast. You can use the kitchen while staying in one of our rooms.

The parking is secured.


Mob   +385 91 189 3369 or +385 91 913 8583

Phone  +385 23 266 003 or +385 23 230 749













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