Resort “Čelinka” Posedarje

This is the most famous art center in this part of Croatia called “ČELINKA” , unique local resort, made by our artist Vinko Kajmaka and his brother Mihovil.

At the nearby slopes of Posedarje, there is one original artistic (sculptural-painting) center , is named “Čelinka”. Owners are manualy built a small church, which is serving as some needed, but also here you can find a large number of sculptures made of natural materials (wood,stone).




All of these structures, statues, this nature, gives you every single part of our history.

The Kajmak family gladly receives visitors, but note that this is not a classic picnic spot. It’s an entirely private property owned by the brothers.  It’s only their love for art and life that has given us this special place to enjoy.


This is just one little part of art center ČELINKA, other incredibly structures, nature and kindness of family Kajmak I leave to your visit.


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