City Guide

What is so interesting  about “Posedarje area” that will make you want to travel to this part of Adriatic coast?

I’ll give you few reasons why you should visit this beautiful part of Mediterranean. If You don’t see anything interesting I just can say “Thank you” and I’ll hope that you will find some other part of Croatia for yourself.

1. Posedarje is located only 20 km from old Roman city called Zadar which is the center of the Northern Dalmatia. Full of history buildings, walls, forums, museums…., all that will give you ancient spirit.

2. Do you love climbing, wild nature, fresh mountain air, all that just few steps from sea, from beaches and bays? Nacional park “Paklenica” is something that You need for that. 

3. Perfect beaches and bays for You and your family, sandy beach “Sv. Duh” in Posedarje gives you hundreds meters of shallow  and clean water.

4. Do you love adventure and adrenaline? Perfect, cycle routes in Posedarje/Vinjerac, Canue safari on river “Zrmanja” and bungee jumping from “Maslenica bridge” will give You all pleasure.

5. You don’t need weather forecast, here is just one type of the question about weather: “How strong will be sunny today?”

 6. You love healthy and delicious food? Posedarje’s  the most famous product is “Posedarski prosciutto”(smoked ham), fresh food and fish. I have to recommend you to visit “Konoba PECE” in Vinjerac, one of the top 10 restaurants(mediterranean kitchen) in Croatia.


zdravi morski plodovi za vase srce

 7. This one reason to visit my place is unique local resort, called “Čelinka”. This place is represents our past,  present and future. All of these structures, statues, this nature, gives you every single picture of our culture, our way of live and You ‘ll see our history. All this is result of hard work by our artist Vinko Kajmak.


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