Rooms “Gora” Posedarje

Gora rooms, surrounded by luxurious green grass and all kinds of other plants, are settled directly near the sea.

Start your vacation with a morning coffee while enjoying the first rays of morning, chirping of the birds, the magnificent view to the crystal sea as blue as the endless sky above it.

Hidden from public and noisy urban city life, making your staying as most pleasant and comfortable as possible, will make us most pleasured and honoured.

We offer three newly built and modern apartments.

Apartment MASLINA (OLIVE) 2+2 and Apartment LAVANDA (LAVANDER) 2+2 are located on the south side of the house, on the ground floor – offering a view of the sea and a beautiful garden surrounded by greenery and palm trees.

Apartment BONACA 2+1 is located on the first floor of the northwest,
the west side of the balcony has a view of the sea.

Guests who want more comfort and privacy we offer stay in the atmosphere of a typical Dalmatian house with swimming pool,
there you can imagine the way and how they enjoyed our grandparents.

The house is designed for small groups of up to 6 members (4 +2) and meets all the needs of an independent residence.


Mob   +385998139455

Phone  +38523266331



Apartment “Maslina” (max 4 persons)

Apartment “Lavanda” (max 4 persons)

Apartment “Bonaca” (max 3 persons)

Dalmatian house with swimming pool (max 6 persons)




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