NP “Paklenica”

Because of the view that you will not see everywhere this mountain also called “The Mediterranean mountain”

The Paklenica Nacional park is unique mountain with best preserved forest complex in the territory of Dalmatia.

The mountain consisting of two parts called  Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica, and their distinctive canyons carved vertically into the south slopes of Velebit and the broader surrounding area.

The relatively small and unique area has an abundance of geomorphological phenomena and forms, diverse flora and fauna, attractive landscapes and intact nature. Diverse habitats in the area of Paklenica, along with elevation stratification, provide a home for diverse fauna.

nacionalni park ulaz



The Paklenica Nacional park is one of the eight Nacional parks in Croatia.  Paklenica has become a protected area in October 19, 1949.

Full beauties and spirit of Paklenica can be experienced only by hiking, and in recognition of this, over 150 km of hiking paths have been made. The particular attraction of this mountain is the closeness of the seacoast, which allows you to experience all the charms of the mountain and the sea in one place, in one view.

snimio: Damir Rajle


Do you like climbing, wild nature, fresh moutain air, all that just few steps from sea, from beaches and bays? Nacional park “Paklenica” is something that You need for that. 



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