About Zadar

Roman city Zadar in Northern Dalmatia presents connection with historical sights and modern art. 

When we talk about history of this city one book will be to small to write everything about buildings, culture, Italian influence, museums…

What can You expect from Zadar?

At the start of Your tour You ‘ll see that this old city is surrounded by big stone walls, with few opened gates. Behind that gates is all history of this city.


Roman city Zadar is a city where huge spaces are left for pedestrians. Using your guidebook, your walk along the narrow cobblestone streets of the city will become a walking through history, and also an experience of the contemporary life of the this historic city. When you tired,  try to take a break in one of our restaurants, pastry shops, fruits and vegetables market or coffee shops that you can find in the gastro offer of this guidebook. Enjoy listening to the concerts, visit the theaters, museums, and exhibitions.

I could  show  hundreds pictures of churches, palaces, squares but I’ll leave You to see all that when You come to my city. However I need to show and say something about “The Forum”, municipal square from Roman era. It represents a very developed example of the antic forum complex, and is one of the most important among the Adriatic ancient cities.

After this history part of my town, I ‘ll show you the other side of Zadar. Until, this above is just one part of history, the other I leave You to explore.

This town has to show something special and unique in whole world. For the first one, I will say only just one thing “Greetings to the sun”. This unbelievably installation gives everything: colors, lights, view, romance…

Next to this installation called “Grettings to the sun”, next to hundreds of colors is one sound that You have never heard in your life. 


On this picture above You see a big stairs leading to the sea. But, this is some kind of piano, or better called “SEA ORGAN”.

The sounds that comes from this wholes in the top of the stairs are something priceless, this type of music instrument You ‘ll see just in this town, the town of modern art.


This site is a blend of human ideas, skills and the energy of the sea, waves, tide and flood, a place for relaxation, contemplation and conversation while listening to an endless concert of mystic harmonies of the “Orchestra of Nature”.

It works on the thrust of the waves. Waves are the energy that gives gentle sound trough the pipes that gives the speed of sound and special harmony.

In 2006. croatian architect Nikola Bašić received the European Prize for Urban Public Space in Barcelona for his Zadar Sea Organ project, as the best among 207 candidate projects from across Europe.


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