Aparthotel “Buratović”

“Aparthotel Buratović, together with Apartments Niko and private vacation houses are a family business that has managed to offer its guests an unforgettable vacation throughout the years.

We would like to get across our long experience in the guest’s trade and tourism also to you and show you why our guests were always satisfied with their vacation in Vinjerac.

We will do everything to make you feel pleasant and carefree, and make sure that you get the best service of which also bigger establishments would not be ashamed.

We invite you to search our Internet site and to discover many details which make us unique in Vinjerac and in this part of north Dalmatia .”

Family Buratović

Aparthotel Buratović

Stara cesta 1
23247 Vinjerac


Mob   +385-91-798-9000

Phone  +385-23-275-074

E-mail: info@aparthotel-buratovic.hr

Official: www.aparthotel-buratovic.hr







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