Do you know where is Vinjerac?


Hidden from all people, don’t try to find this place on map, Vinjerac will find You.

For the start I have to say something. If You have problems with asthma You will not regret if You visit this place, because the combination of fresh mountain air and fresh seawater gives you special breath. Those who came in with such problems they know what I’m talking about. You can forget about asthma inhaler.


Vinjerac is a pictures fishing town surrounded by nature parks and one of the most interesting places in Northern Dalmatia. It ‘s hidden from the noble life and is very attractive and interesting for anyone who wants to spend their holiday in an oasis of peace and quiet away from the bustle of the city life.


For those looking for nightlife, for all kind of fun close by is the small city Posedarje and the Roman city Zadar which are rich in old monuments, discos and restaurants. During the winter Vinjerac is occupied only by local population while during the summer a there are a lot of travelers and tourists who are fascinated by its beauty and call it “little paradise”. Anyone who loves a rural idyll, peace, fresh air and clear sea for their holiday they will choose Vinjerac-“The pearl of the Dalmatian coast.”



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