What to say about Posedarje?

Small, peaceful mediterrian village in the middle of Adriatic coast will give you “easy” type of vacation. I write “easy” because Posedarje is natural village where tourism wasn’t on the first place a few years ago. The freshness, the strength of the morning and the smell of the sea return the uplift to people exhausted from work and the modern life. “Easy” represents walking in wild nature, no crowd, not any type of loud events, just You and your family. Posedarje is indented in the sea and hidden from the urban life and city crowds



Small family restaurants, caffe bars, pizza, fish market, fire station, post office, doctor, free internet in center,  there is all you need to bi safe and enjoy in your vacation without any bad thoughts.

In summer, day without sun is like London without rain, so You don’t need to worry about weather, you will be able to enjoy a new skin color on your body.


Posedarje is in the middle of great Roman city Zadar and unique Nacional park “Paklenica”. Those are two places that you have to see when You come to Croatia.



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